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Information About Spain

In this section you can find a short introduction to Spain including some basic facts, the history of Spain and some places of interest. This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide but to help our clients in their search for more information about Spain.

Spain is located in southern Europe in the Iberian Peninsula together with Portugal. It has borders to France and Andorra in the north, to Portugal in the west and in the south it is only separated by Africa by the 15km wide Strait of Gibraltar. Apart from the Iberian Peninsula Spain is made up by the Balearic Islands lying to the East of the peninsula, and by the Canary Islands, which are found more than 1,000km south of mainland Spain, just off the coast of Africa. Two Spanish cities (Ceuta and Melilla) located in the north of Africa also forms part of the nation.

The climate in Spain has a great diversity. In the North of Spain lies the green and rainy part of the country. Along the whole coastline to the south and east of Spain you find a very dry zone with high average temperatures all year around. Last the climate in the central part of Spain varies from dry and hot in the summer to cold and rainy/snowy in the winter.

Spain is the second largest country in Europe, after France. The Spanish population is concentrated in the coastal regions, with exception of Madrid and a few other cities. The costal regions are as well the most popular destination for the many tourists visiting Spain each year and for the people who settles down in Spain. The tourist comes to Spain to experience the sun, the food and hospitality, to discover the country's rich heritage of monuments and sights, the imprint of different civilizations, as well as share in the local fiestas, traditions and to study the customs and language.

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